Welcome to Nairn Art Society. Our doors are open to anyone who loves painting, drawing and all things arty. We meet throughout the week in Laing Hall which is situated on King Street across from The Little Theatre. The hall is only used by our society which helps to keep it a creative haven. Awaken the artist within you and explore hidden talents. 


Laing Hall History


Laing Hall was previously established in 1977 as The Nairn Fishertown Museum. Fishertown was home for generations of families who made their living from the sea. The maze of narrow lanes provide a contrast to the larger houses in the west end of Nairn. The streets  largely remains unchanged. The community expanded when Thomas Telford completed the harbour. More than 90 boats were based here by the late 1890s. But the Russian revolution of 1917 resulted in a sharp fall in demand for herring, starting a gradual decline in the number of boats. Better facilities at east coast ports saw the Nairn industry continue to decline, even after the opening of a new harbour basin in 1932. In the early 1980s, however, it was given a new lease of life when the harbour was restored and pontoons provided to turn it into a mooring facility for pleasure craft.






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